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Gold featured products

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20 FR Franc Napoleon (France)
You sell at 280,50 € with premium: 2.98%
You buy at 300,50 € with premium: 10.09%
Krugerrand 1 Ounce (South Africa)
You sell at 1 474,00 € with premium: 1.00%
You buy at 1 594,50 € with premium: 9.02%
1 Kilo Gold Bar
You sell at 46 920,00 € with premium: -0.01%
You buy at 47 970,00 € with premium: 2.01%

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Currency featured products

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United States
United States
Dollar USD
You buy at : 1,088
You sell at : 1,127
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Pound GBP
You buy at : 0,878
You sell at : 0,911
You buy at : 116,9
You sell at : 121,1
Dollar CAD
You buy at : 1,529
You sell at : 1,581

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