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Posted 39 days ago

Top professional service.

On the 2022-07-11
Posted 70 days ago

correct company

On the 2022-06-10
Posted 70 days ago

Excellent quality and support!

On the 2022-06-10
Posted 74 days ago

Efficient and clear communication with prompt responses

On the 2022-06-06
Posted 112 days ago

I came to buy more coins (18 pieces) I was disappointed to learn that only one was possible to buy and take with me. Employee suggested to order them and pay later. It will be nice to li...

On the 2022-04-29
Posted 117 days ago

Dienstverlening ging vlot en vriendelijk: 5/5 daarvoor. Het duurde echter 5 dagen voor het geld op mijn rekening stond. Ik vind het niet kunnen dat deze mail uitsluitend in ?t Engels toeg...

On the 2022-04-24

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Here you will find important information on economic and financial news as well as information that may have an impact on your investments in gold or foreign currencies
Why isn't gold rising?
Why isn't gold rising? 2022-08-12
In summary, gold is not rising in part because of a strong dollar and the Fed's interest rate hike, which is creating negative sentiment among investors.
Stocks, Bitcoin, Gold. And the winner is...?
Stocks, Bitcoin, Gold. And the winner is...? 2022-07-07
The summer is starting in a very worrying state of flux. Inflation, rising rates, indices on the brink... Is this the calm before the...
Everything goes down, what about gold?
Everything goes down, what about gold? 2022-05-17
Federal Reserve rate hikes and monetary policy tightening are putting pressure on all asset classes. Everything is in the red....
Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold!
Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold! 2022-05-09
In the world of precious metals, gold and silver are the most famous. But we must not forget the others. For example, platinum!...

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