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How to sell gold?

The rule

If you wish to sell gold, GFI will make an invoice on your name.

You have to prove your identity with a legal document (ID cards for Belgian citizens, passport or ID for foreigners and a proof of address if it is not written on your documents).

GFI can pay up to 500€ in cash, the balance (or the whole amount) being paid via bank transfer.

You will have to provide your bank account details if you sell over 500€.

Set the rate on the phone

If you wish to set the course in advance

You must call one of our staff who will confirm the final price for the transaction. The price given on our website are only indicative and you should always contact us in order to set the rate; These prices are updated every minute and are a good basis for your calculation.

We will invite you to confirm the order in "My Account" area. You will then receive an email confirming your order. You must deliver the gold within 48 hours.

  • 1
    Contact us on +32 2/513.92.40 to set the rate
  • 2
    Receiving a confirmation email and confirm your order in My Account
  • 3
    Deliver on the timining agreed on the phone
  • 4
    Upon receipt of the goods, payment will be done

Set the rate at our counter

If you do not wish to set the price in advance

  • 1
    Visit us at our office 101 Rue du Midi in Brussels city center
  • 2
    Our experts inspect your coins/bars. Indicative prices can be accessed on our website and are updated every minute
  • 3
    Upon agreement, we will provide you with an invoice
  • 4
    You can receive up to € 500 in cash. The bank transfer will be done the same day.