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How to buy gold?

The 3.000 € cash limit rule

A purchase can be done in our counter in cash, certified cheque, bank wire or Bancontact (debit card)

The limit in cash is 3.000 €.

If the value of your purchase is above 3.000 €, you must pay the remainging balance by bancontact, bank transfer or with a certified bank cheque.

Please note that from this amount, the invoice is issued on your name
GFI might ask for your ID for amounts below that limit.

You can make a bank transfer for any purchase

> 3.000 €

Steps to puchase gold for amount exceeding 3.000 €
  • 1
    Create your account on the Log in page
  • 2
    Contact us via +32 2/513.92.40 in order to fix the rate
  • 3
    An email will invite you to confirm your order
  • 4
    Confirm your order in Your Account
  • 5
    You receive an email with the payment details
  • 6
    After receiving your funds, we will contact you by email in order to fix a appointment for the pick up of your order

≤ 3.000 €

Steps to buy gold for amount equal or under 3.000 €
  • 1
    Visit us in our counter in 101 Rue du Midi, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
  • 2
    The price we provide at the cashier is visible for information on this website and is updated every minute. You will receive your coins or ingots directly
  • 3
    The payment can be done in cash or in bancontact (we do not accept credit cards). Please note that from 3.000 € your purchase will be on your name