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Buying Napoleon

The purchase of Napoleon and other gold coins is an attractive solution for those wanting to invest in physical gold over the long term. Despite fluctuations, their price has increased greatly over the last 20 years. Just like gold bullion, you invest in a beautiful tangible object that is even a piece of history. GFI offers you the chance to buy various collectible coins, such as the 10 Francs and 20 Francs Gold Napoleons, Louis d’or, one-ounce gold coins, the South African Krugerrand, Vrenelis, old and new pounds, Maple Leaf, Eagle, Nugget, and many others.

Buy Napoleon

Why buy Napoleon or gold coins?

Buying Napoleon or other gold coins as a supplementary investment offers various benefits:

  • Size

    Gold coins are easy transport and exchange. When selling, you can choose how many to sell at a time.

  • Supply and demand

    The gold coin market is relatively liquid. In general, they are easy to buy and sell. Nevertheless, some coins are rarer or more sought after, the premium on those coins can quickly rise if there is strong demand for them.

  • Numismatic value

    For coin collectors (numismatists), certain rare and historical coins have extra value.

  • Aesthetics

    The choice between a gold coin and gold bar can also be a question of taste: an engraving or a symbol of another country or era can tilt the balance toward coins.

  • A comforting physical investment

    Gold has been coveted by humans since time immemorial but it is also a fairly simple investment. It is a real, tangible asset that can be stored and transported with ease.

  • Diversification to reduce risks

    You can easily invest in different coins so you do not concentrate your entire budget. However, we would still recommend you do not put all your wealth into gold. You should still diversify into other asset classes.

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What is the price of a Napoleon or gold coin?

Two coins of equal weight are not necessarily worth the same. Many factors influence the price of a gold coin: They are:

  • the price of gold, which is constantly changing. The price of gold will help in calculating the intrinsic value of an entirely pure gold coin.
  • the coin’s grade: the amount of gold contained in an investment-grade gold coin is, generally, equal to or more than one nine fine.
  • its weight
  • its alloy
  • its mintage (the number of coins minted, even the mint that produced the coin can influence its value)
  • its rarity
  • its condition (a coin in poor condition can still be sold for its weight in gold, in which case we can melt it down)
  • the premium: tradeable coin will usually have a premium, meaning its value exceeds the value of its weight in gold.

What is the premium when buying Napoleon?

  • The premium is the percentage difference between the spot price of a coin and the bid or ask price.

  • The spread is the difference between the bid price and the ask price.

  • The spot price is the intrinsic value of the coin, that is, the value of the gold contained in it as based on the price of gold on international markets.

Where to buy gold coins

You should place your trust in companies that have a good reputation. You can buy gold coins in Brussels and Antwerp where you will find many reliable and authorised traders, like GFI GOLD. Be sure to buy them in a sealed bag as a guarantee of quality for your coins.