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Old British Sovereigns (UK)

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  • 7.3227 g
  • 7.9881 g
  • Country of origin United Kingdom
  • 917.0‰
  • 1817
  • GOLD
  • Coin
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The English Sovereign was created in 1489 at the request of King Henry VII.

From 1817, a modern version appeared. This is the version we know today.

The figure of St George slaying the dragon is shown on the reverse of the coin. The obverse shows the king/queen according to the minting period. Thus we have an obverse with, depending on the minting period, George III, George IV, Victoria, Edward VII, George V, George VI and up to today Elizabeth II.

The English Sovereign has a fineness of 916/1000. Its gross weight is 7.98g and its net weight is 7.32g. The diameter is 22mm.

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