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The premium explained

The premium of a coin is the difference (in percent %) between the spot price of a coin and its buying or selling price

The premium can be positive or negative and can evolve according to many factors (market, stock, liquidity, rarity...)

The buyer should buy investment coin that has the lowest premium.

The seller should sell the one which has the highest premium.

Premiums are already applied to the displayed prices.

The Spot

The "spot" price is the intrinsic value of the coin, ie the value of the gold it contains calculated on the basis of the price of metal on the international markets.

The Bid and Ask

Bid Price (selling rate) and Ask Price (buying rate) are calculated based on the spot to which GFI adds or subtracts a premium according to the side (Buy / Sell). They represent our buying price and our selling price.

The spread

The difference between the Bid and the Ask is called the Spread. An investor should purchase a product with the smallest spread possible. targeting a product with a small spread because the price difference between the bid and ask price will be the lowest and thus reduce the fee if he wants to unwind a transaction thereafter. La différence entre le Bid et le Ask s'appelle le Spread. Un investisseur aura tout intérêt à viser un produit avec un petit Spread car l'écart de prix entre le cours acheteur et vendeur sera le plus faible et réduira ainsi les frais s'il désire dénouer une opération par la suite.