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2019 started like a rocket.

2019 started like a rocket.

Gold continued on its performance of 2018.

Analysts have announced a good year for gold in 2019 and 2020. We could give them reason for the first month of 2019. Indeed, gold rose from $ 1279 (02/01/19) to 1320 $ (01/02/19) thus taking 3% in one month. Although we have to look at a longer period to see a trend, this first result is promising for the yellow metal in 2019.

We have already announced that investment gold is returning to its role of safe haven fueled by the tensions arising from the Brexit, the trade war and the poor results of the stock market. Tensions over the Brexit are likely to be felt more strongly as we slowly come to the end of the deadline to find an agreement between the UK and the EU. This should continue to strengthen the yellow metal.