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Theresa May survived unscathed.

Theresa May survived unscathed.

Theresa May won a third major victory against the hard Brexiters yesterday.

The prime minister postponed the vote of no confidence against her asked by the hard Brexiters. It obtained a result of 200 votes against 117. This vote of no confidence could have cost her her position as leader of the party and trigger a new election.

This is Theresa May's third major victory after the Checkers plan in July and the Brexit deal backed by her government in November. However, we must take this victory with a pinch of solt because it confirms the existing tensions within her party and the fact that the Prime Minister will not get the vote of confidence on the negotiated agreement.

Two options still seem possible following this result: a second referendum and a hard Brexit.

The first option seems the most feasible because Theresa May is opposed to a Brexit without agreement and campaigned in 2016 for a continuation in the EU.

At the exchange rate, the pound sterling welcomed this result rather positively and strengthened by 100 points against the Euro (from 0.9070 to 0.8970) yesterday.