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Bitcoin is 10 years old

Bitcoin is 10 years old

Bitcoin, a pioneer of cryptocurrencies, celebrated its 10th birthday last week.

This virtual currency, now a financial asset with maddening curves, is 10 years old!

As a reminder, this cryptocurrency is created from computer software following a protocol and is based on mathematical calculations (Blockchain). Its purpose is to create a new means of payment in order to reduce the transaction fees that merchants had to pay from other credit organizations (Visa, Mastercard, etc.).

Bitcoin was created in 2008 but went online in 2009 at $ 0.000764. It reached a record $ 19,891 on the 17/12/2017 following the craze for its huge price increases. That's when everyone was talking about this asset and wanted to buy it.

The rest, we know it: the fall was brutal for many investors. The significant increase in transaction fees (up to $ 20) and the increasing interest of regulators have been the reason for the crazy soaring. Bitcoins still lost 20% last week and its value was $ 3940 on Monday 26/11/18.

What is the future for this currency?

Some, the most enthusiastic, think that the bright days of Bitcoins are ahead of him and that its usefulness will be demonstrated in case of a new financial crisis. Others are convinced of the usefulness of cryptocurrencies but have turned to other virtual currencies.

On the other hand, the people belonging to the 3rd category are, they, flatly hostile to these cryptocurrencies which make it possible to circumvent the rules and which create vagueness on the markets.

The regulator wants to control this type of currency in order to limit money laundering and the financing of terrorism, drugs and weapons. The American stock policeman has just put in place sanctions on cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.