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500 gr. Gold Bar

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  • The ingots we sell are LBMA certified and consequently exchangeable worldwide
  • The premium of the ingot of one kilo is the lowest, at most the ingot is small at the most the premium is high
  • Ingot of 500 grams of fine gold certified LBMA Allows to split its investment The difference between the purchase and sale premium is minimal
  • Net weight : 500 g
  • Gross weight : 500 g
  • Country of origin : LBMA
  • Purity : 999.9‰
Cotation from 2021-04-16 at 22:30:55
You buy at : 24 165,00 € With premium : 1.4%
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You sell at : 23 505,00 € With premium : -1.35%
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