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GFI Safe - Deposit solution

GFI Safe is the new service offered by Gold and Forex International to meet the growing demand of its customers to be able to buy/sell physical gold without moving and to have an ultra-secure storage solution outside the banking sector. This service is open to anyone, whether or not they are already GFI customer, as long as proof of purchase or proof of ownership of the gold can be provided.

Store your gold in an ultra-secure solution outside the banking system with a professional specialist in the storage and handling of precious metals.

Your gold is stored in a secure vault, the key to which is held by a renowned independent service provider (Brinks). The solution chosen ensures that all deposits are insured at their market value and avoids the risks of loss, theft, burglary or damage.

In the event of an accident or the death of the owner of the precious metals, GFI will be contacted by the family members and/or the notary. The stored goods always remain your property or the property of your heirs and will therefore never be lost.

Buy and sell physical gold from home

When you buy, you have the option of placing your gold directly into storage. When selling, we move your physical gold deposit and credit your bank account the same day. All these operations are carried out without you having to go anywhere.

In order to adapt to the new constraints imposed by the COVID-19 health crisis, the confinement and the difficulty of moving, we offer our clients the possibility of buying and selling their gold with great flexibility.

Manage and track your deposit via our platform

Thanks to our platform, you have access to the situation of your physical deposit in real time and can consult the history (purchases/sales), place a purchase or sale order.

Stock audited by an independent expert

The gold in the vault is periodically checked and certified by a sworn auditor.

Certificate of deposit of your physical gold

A certificate of ownership is issued to you to confirm the possession of your gold.

View your physical gold by appointment

By appointment, you can view your physical gold and/or take possession of it. Your deposit is available within 5 working days.

Competitive rates

In addition to an attractive base rate, we apply degressive rates depending on the value of the gold stored.

The rates offered are those applied to private individuals. There is a specific price list for professionals and institutions. Please consult us for any requests.

The GFI Safe storage offer in detail :

Why opt for a secure, outsourced storage solution?

- Secure your investment: the GFI Safe solution offers maximum security and is provided by professionals specialized in the storage and handling of precious metals. There is no need to store at home with the risk of theft, burglary, or loss.

- Flexibility: products in storage no longer need to be delivered or collected from our offices. Everything can be viewed in your customer portal. Take advantage of our extended hours to buy and sell your precious metals in a few clicks without having to travel.

- 100% physical gold: the products traded at GFI are 100% physical gold. You benefit from the security of physical gold while enjoying the ease of use of a digital platform.

What are the fees applied?

The deposit fees are degressive and start at 0.6% excl. vat per year up to 0.45% excl. vat with a minimum of 5 € vat/quarter. They are calculated on the deposit value based on the spot price of gold. The deposit fee will be charged automatically on a quarterly basis or on the day the client wishes to close the deposit in full. GFI reserves the right to request payment of part or all of the deposit fee before allowing the withdrawal of products from deposit.


Tarifs (htva)
0€ - 100.000€ 0.6%
100.000€ - 250.000€ 0.55 %
250.000€ - 500.000€ 0.5 %
> 500.000€ 0.45 %

The deposit fee is calculated daily at 9.00 am as follows (total amount on deposit at market value/365) x (deposit rate). This daily amount is added to the total amount due available in the customer area. A day started is considered as a day invoiced.

The minimum deposit fee is €5 excl. VAT/quarter. Therefore, if the calculated fee is less than €5, the deposit fee will be €5 excl. vat/quarter.

Movement fee :

If you wish to add Gold to your deposit and it does not come from a purchase made at GFI, a flat handling fee of €100 excl. vat. This fee is intended to cover the handling and shipping to the secure vault. The same fee will be charged if you wish to remove part or all your deposit from the safe and retrieve it from our branch or to view it physically.

How do you deposit your precious metals?

  • From a purchase made at GFI
    When purchasing online or over the phone with a GFI trader (02/513.92.40) or directly at the counter, you can decide to leave your purchase in your deposit folder. Once payment has been received, your purchase will be automatically transferred to the secure safe and can be viewed from your client area on

If you wish to deposit gold that you already own and purchased from GFI, we invite you to deliver it to us. It will then be added to your deposit without any handling fees.

  • From a purchase not made at GFI
    If the gold you wish to deposit was not purchased from GFI, you will need to provide proof of the origin of the gold.

Please note that if you wish to deposit a product that is not offered for deposit by GFI, you may be offered an exchange with a similar product.

How do you remove your precious metals from the deposit?

If you wish to remove one or more products from your deposit, you must make a request at least 5 working days before you come to our offices (an appointment will then be made).

The request for removal can be made directly via your customer area, by telephone or directly at the counter. Please note that the withdrawal of a deposit must be done in person (or via a proxy).

In addition, if you wish to have your deposit delivered to your home, we can offer you a delivery service for a fee (please contact us for more information).

  • Leave the deposit via your customer area
    From your customer area, in the "my safe" category, you can request the removal of your products from your deposit by clicking on "sell / remove product", selecting the quantity of the product(s) you wish to remove and clicking on "I am removing the products". A final confirmation will be required and once validated, your request will be sent to GFI.

  • Withdrawal from the warehouse via telephone request
    It is possible to contact us by telephone to request a withdrawal from the depot. In most cases, your depot will be available for collection within 5 working days and an appointment will be made.