Gold shone brightly in 2019

Gold shone brightly in 2019

Review of the year 2019 for precious metals

The ounce of gold posted its best annual growth since 2011. In dollars, it gained 15.7% in 2019, however, it did not reach its historic level but this increase is the largest in 8 years.

In euros, due to the decline in the EURUSD, the increase was 19.8% this year. The ounce of gold in euros even reached its record level this summer.

The yellow metal is not the only one to have performed: palladium, rhodium and platinum has also shone this year. Palladium took 52% and platinum 16%.

As for Rhodium, it is without question the investment of the year. In USD, it jumped 239% !! Indeed, the ounce was around $ 2,300 in early 2019 to be around $ 5,500 in late December.

And we finish with silver, the red lantern of the peloton with 13% increase.

Analysts had predicted a good year 2019 and 2020 for the yellow metal. They were not mistaken for 2019! Fingers crossed for 2020…

Source: L'Echo