Brexit is postponed again!

Brexit is postponed again!

The EU has granted the United Kingdom a new postponement of the Brexit date

The new Brexit date has been set for October 31 with an intermediate step in June. European leaders have proposed a postponement of the deadline to October 31. This report was unsurprisingly accepted by Theresa May.

The date of October 31 represents a compromise between the position of Germany who wanted to postpone by one year and the position of France, Belgium and Luxembourg who wanted a quick postponement very. Theresa May wanted a postponement to June 30, but the Europeans found this delay too short. Indeed, the European elections are approaching and the Europeans do not want to obstruct the democratic functioning of the Union.

As explained above, there is an intermediate step; Theresa May will have to reach an agreement and hold the European elections in June. In case of failure, Britain will leave the EU in a strong way (no deal) on that date. The British prime minister has also pledged not to block the Union's decisions during this period of extension.