Rhodium 5 Oz

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Did you know ?

  • The purchase of Rhodium is subject to a VAT of 21% to add to the displayed price
  • Used for the production of automotive catalysts
  • Net weight : 155.517 g
  • Gross weight : 155.517 g
  • Country of origin : United Kingdom
  • Purity : 999.0‰
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GOLD & FOREX INTERNATIONAL S.A. intends to play the role of market maker for various metals including rhodium. Even though the rhodium market is quite small, as a professional we make sure to identify reliable counterparties and find the best possible prices for our clients.

Rhodium is a rare silvery-white metal from the platinoid family. The world's production of rhodium comes mainly from recovery from the processing of other minerals.

The specific gravity of rhodium is 12.38 g/cm3 and the melting point at 1.968 C °.

Most of the rhodium mined or recycled is used for the production of automotive catalysts. Its price therefore strongly depends on the demand of this industry.

Since it is an industrial metal, it is subject to the application of a 21% VAT added upon purchase.

How to sell rhodium?

  • 1. You deposit your rhodium with us and receive a deposit certificate.
  • 2. The day you want to sell, you can contact our colleague Stefan at 02 / 550.21.54.
  • 3. We then contact our counterparties to obtain the best price and find out the volume that     can be negotiated.
  • 4. We will call you back to let you know the price.
  • 5. If you decide to sell, we confirm the transaction with our counterparties.
  • 6. We ship the rhodium to the counterparties.
  • 7. We credit your bank account.


It is possible to place a limit order or to sell at the price of the day.

Once your limit is reached, we will contact you and proceed with the purchase at the set price.